Garden visit

1. Le bois sacré (Sacred woods)

Since the dawn of time, the woods have been inhabited by spirits. Here, 2,500 box hedges conjure spells. Tinkling bells and running water bring the woodlands to life.

2. Le tunnel sacré (The hedge tunnel)

This scented vault grown of hops, wisteria, jasmine and other climbing plants opens the door to dreams. This is the transitional zone between reality and the imaginary.

3. Les jardins élémentaires

A subtle balance of nature and culture, trees and flowers. The original garden. A golden ribbon, an airborne Ariadne’s thread, leads down the path of the imaginary.

4. Les terrasses

Discovering this garden of moss and old dry stone walls reminds us of the terraces once used to cultivate vineyards in this historic Périgord.

5. Le théatre de verdure

The magic of an antique, eternal place is revisited here by contemporary artists whose theatre is nature itself.

6. L’axe des vents

Giant weathervanes atop poles offer you the sense and sound of the wind, a connection with the historic town below.

7. Les perspectives

Here, flowers honour the continuous visual and graphic principle that brings structure to the history of gardens. You’ll see the town at the limit of the perspective.

8. Les jardins d’eau

Gushing, running, seeping, irrigating, waterfalls… Water is found here in all its forms and all its functions. This is the water of gardens throughout time.

9. La roseraie

Tradition and modernity. Classicism and romanticism. Discover 2,000 rosebushes growing on contemporary metal structures.

10. Le chemin des fontaines

A path winds along the hillside, dotted with five fountains: five refreshing, colourful stopovers.

11. Le jardin topiaire

This is the kingdom of trimmed hornbeams and box hedges. A greenery garden. Through a plant tunnel, you’ll catch sight of an overlook opening to Terrasson and its gardens

12. Les fleuves

At the foot of heavy engraved stones, the source of five of the world’s rivers is a symbolic representation reminding us that our planet is also our garden.

13. La serre

A creative encounter of dry stone, glass and metal. This “cold” greenhouse, in contrast with the surrounding plants, the only covered space of the garden, creates a symbolic link between the sky and the earth, between man and his dreams.